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Newborn Photography with young sibling - How it is done safely. Melbourne Newborn Photographer

February 19, 2016

So if you can't already tell from my previous blogs I am BIG on newborn safety! I don't think any shot is worth risking the safety of a newborn!

That is why when working with young siblings you need to get creative. They are young and new to the newborn they don't know how soft they have to touch them or to not move quickly around them.

I am a newborn photographer in Melbourne and here is how I do sibling shots.

Its actually pretty easy ;)

First I will get to know the sibling, coming to unfamilar surroundings they are usually quit shy. I will chat with them ask them questions then as they slowly get comfortable I will start to have jokes with them and be funny. 

Once they are my friend! I will ask them to come to the spot I want them in I will have a bowl or bucket next to them that is empty I will take their shot making sure I'm doing silly things to make them smile. 

Once Ive got the best shot I will tell them they are done.

Then I will bring the newborn in to the empty bowl or bucket and take their shot - The rest is is photoshop! 

I wil composite the image to make it look like the baby is in the bowl or bucket next to the sibling. Too easy right! 

And there it is know risk to the newborn.

Thanks for reading :) 

Please comment if you like the information! 

Here is a link to my newborn photography safety video Link

If you are a photographer and you are looking to practice in newborn photography I highly recommend Sib. Sib is a fully articulated, life like newborn dummy. Sib has been made specifically for newborn photography practice. Designed in Australia! 

Here is their Website

What a maternity photo shoot is like and why you should get it done - Melbourne maternity photographer

February 5, 2016

Being pregnant is such a special time so why not capture it in the most beautiful way to look back on in years to come! Some people feel uncomfortable or self conscious about getting their maternity photos done but I guarantee you that after the photo shoot you will leave feeling great! and then when you see the photos you will feel amazing! 

My maternity shoots are done after 30 weeks as you want a nice nice bump. Clients contact me in their early weeks, we calculate the day and book them in. I do have the last minute booker which is always fine too.

A few day's before your shoot I will message you asking you to go through my images and choose two of my dresses - Yes I supply all the clothing :)

You can wear your own clothing too. 

When you arrive for for you photo shoot if you have booked my makeup artist you will begin with make up straight away.


Then I will bring you to the backdrop and tell you thing's to be aware of - how to avoid a double chin for example ;)

I will explain how I will be posing you and then begin.

The whole time I am shooting I am telling you exactly where to place your hands, legs and where to look. 

I always start with you on your own, if partners or children are there too I will bring them in explaining everything to them too.

We will go through several setup up's, posses and dresses all while chatting, laughing and having fun! My goal is to make you feel comfortable the entire time.

The maternity photo shoot will go for up to an hour, so not long at all! 


Before you know it your pregnancy will be over and you will quietly be missing your bump.

I strongly erge all pregnant woman to get maternity photography done, they are a special and beautiful way to remember your pregnancy. 



Emma - Ejm photography

Maternity Photography Melbourne 

Creating a safe newborn photograph - Newborn Photography Melbourne

January 16, 2016
Step one

Newborn safety is a big thing.

A lot of images you see are "fake" they are several images merged to one or they have hands edited out.  

With this image I created I started by taking the picture of the swing where I wanted it. I went to my local park by my self.. no baby, no clients.

Step 2

Then when the clients came in for their newborn shoot I took a photo of the baby in the swing on the ground. As you can see there is also a spotter right next to the baby at all times for even more safety.              

Step 3

 I then opened both images in photoshop I used the baby from the swing on the ground and placed it in the swing in the hanging outside picture - taking great care of the smaller details making sure I got them perfect. I then darkened the background added some sunshine on the right and perfected many small details. 

And that was it - no taking any risk to the newborn's safety but still creating an amazing outdoor shot! 

A link to my newborn safety video Link

Newborn photographer Melbourne

January 7, 2016



Hi and welcome to Ejm Photography!

My name is Emma and I am a mum of 3 in Melbourne with a passion for newborn photography and Maternity photography.

Here is an image from one of my latest newborn photo shoots. This baby was 10 day's old, I do newborn photography when baby is under 10 day's old. 

A newborn photo shoot usually goes for 2 and a half hours.This includes several feeds and lot's of soothing.